Laurentian SETAC 23rd Annual General Meeting and Conference





On the Cutting Edge: Innovations in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

June 8th, 2018

Queen’s University, Kingston ON





Welcome to the Laurentian Chapter of SETAC

Welcome to the Laurentian Chapter of SETAC, the Ontario regional Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC©). We aim to promote and enhance communication, education and networking in environmental toxicology and chemistry, as well as other related fields throughout Ontario, and beyond!


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Welcome to the Laurentian Chapter of SETAC


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L-SETAC Ottawa Pub Night Student Event Winners

We were treated to four amazing presentations by our student guests, Lauren Gallant, Kirsten Smythe, Sawyer Stoyanovich, and Adelle Strobel.  Judges awarded Lauren, a Ph.D. Candidate from the University of Ottawa, the prize for best presentation.  She won a gift...

Very Employable Person (VEP) – Erin Ussery

Name: Erin Ussery Contact email: Degree: Ph.D. Applied Bioscience Program Title of Thesis: The ecotoxicological effects of metformin and its metabolite, guanylurea, on Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) Institution and Advisor: University of Ontario...

#SheInspiresMe: Celebrating Women in Science

In celebration of International Women’s Day, volunteers from the Diversity in Science Committee (DISC) completed a little writing exercise: we wrote about a woman in science that inspires us. The rules were simple: it had to be a woman in science. Kudos to these...