Our annual letter from our L-SETAC science fair winners at BASEF 2017 has arrived!

Annual letter from our L-SETAC science fair winners at BASEF 2017

And what a joy it is! As judges, this makes our year, receiving either a letter from the fair or a personal letter from our winners, thanking us for our continued support of science fairs.
L-SETAC has been sponsoring the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF; basef.ca) and the Ottawa Regional Science Fair (ORSF; www.orsf.ca) for over 10 years. At these annual fairs, we have the pleasure of evaluating both junior (Grades 7/8) and senior (Grades 11/12) science projects that focus on environmental toxicology, chemistry, pollution, contamination, remediation or environmental protection. Our judges take on their roles every year in late March/early April and spend the day talking to the students and reading about the incredible work that they have done over the year. You can read about our judges’ story here for 2017: http://www.laurentiansetac.ca/2017/06/2017-bay-area-science-and-engineering-fair/
The L-SETAC team is eagerly waiting for the 2018 BASEF and ORSF!
Happy Holidays to you all!
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