Active Laurentian SETAC Committee

1. Short Courses

Goal: To brainstorm, develop, organize, and coordinate short courses for the benefit of the Laurentian membership taking into account membership interests and demand. A variety of topics should be presented. At least one course per year should be hosted by Laurentian. Membership participation should be given priority, others may participate if space allows. Applications for support from SETAC NA for course development and presentation is the responsibility of the committee. The Board member Link is usually the current Vice President.

Members: Alison Fraser and Rick Frank (Co-chairs and Board Member Links), Matt Graham, Ève Gilroy, Yamini Gopalapillai, Wilson Lau, Joel Nichols, Ryan Prosser

2. Pub Nights

Goal: To provide opportunities for science exchange in a casual venue. Generally hosted by Laurentian at a local eatery/pub every 6-8 weeks between September and June. The committee is responsible for searching out and approach speakers that would be of interest to the Laurentian membership, as well as organizing and coordinating the advertising, venue, and equipment required. Members and non-members are encouraged to attend. The Board member Link is usually someone residing within the local of the meetings.

Ottawa Members: Rebecca Dalton (Chair), Gillian Manning, Cristina Inglis, Susan Roe, Paula Smith

Southern Ontario Members: Erin Leonard (Chair), Melanie Appleton, Karen Béchard, Oana Birceanu, Natalie Feisthauer, François Prévost, Shari Dahmer, Jessica Mendoza, Gerald Tetreault

3. Membership

Goal: To establish and maintain communication with the Laurentian membership and public, including the development and maintenance of the Website, and the internal website for the Laurentian Board members (FTP). The committee is to sollicit, gather, review, and assemble information on, amongst others, the Laurentian activities, into an electronic format that can be posted on the website.

The committee also maintains current membership, seeks out avenues to attract potential membership, maintains ties with SETAC NA on local membership issues, and coordinates the interests of the Laurentian membership with the activities of the various Laurentian committees. The Board member Link is usually the current membership coordinator.

Members: Oana Birceanu (Chair), Ève Gilroy, Matt Graham, Jennifer Ings, Shari Dahmer, Richard Frank

4. Annual General Meeting

Goal: To organize and coordinate the AGM with respect to topic, plenary speakers, venue, abstract submissions, meeting agenda, advertising, food, tours, etc. The meeting topic must take into consideration the interests of the Laurentian members as well as current science issues (specifically if they pertain to Ontario issues). The Board member Link is usually the current President and/or Vice-President.

Members: Rick Frank (Chair and Board Member Link), Shari Dahmer, Rachel De Jong, Alison Fraser, Lindsay Furtado, Ève Gilroy, Emily Holman, Jessica Mendoza, Tessa Roselli, Gerald Tetreault, Peggy Wallis, Katie Hill, Ryan Prosser

5. Women in Science Committee (WISC)

Goal:  To highlight women’s achievements, raise awareness of gender disparity in science and create mentorship opportunities for both female and male scientists.

Members: Ève Gilroy (co-chair), Oana Birceanu (co-chair), Karen Béchard, Tamzin Blewett, Shari Dahmer, Natalie Feisthauer, Alison Fraser, Yamini Gopalapillai, Carmela Grande, Joel Nichols, Ryan Prosser, Gerald Tetreault

5. Website

Wilson Lau, Ève Gilroy