June 7, 2018 all-day









Introduction to Environmental Genomics for (Eco)Toxicology

Join us for this unique short course opportunity at the Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS)! Dr. Robert Colautti will provide an introduction to environmental genomics including field sampling, laboratory techniques, and high-throughput sequencing applications in toxicology and ecotoxicology.


Rapid advances in high-throughput sequencing (HTS) and other ‘omics’ methods are transforming the biological sciences, but the pace of development of new technologies can make them difficult to follow. This 1-day intensive field course explores applications of HTS in (eco)toxicology. This ‘crash course’ introduces participants to new and emerging technologies and provides hands-on experience with standard field sampling; we focus on two relevant areas:

  1. Transcriptome sequencing (RNA) for comparing gene expression among organismal samples.
  2. Metabarcoding and metagenomic sequencing (DNA) for comparing species communities among environmental samples

This course is aimed at toxicologists and ecological toxicologists with little (if any) experience sequencing genomes or transcriptomes. After completing this course, participants should have a good understanding of (i) which projects are appropriate for HTS technologies, and (ii) how to collect samples for such a project.


This is an overnight short course with field, laboratory, and lecture components.

The course will start on Wednesday with a welcome dinner, followed by an opening seminar to prepare for Thursday’s field and lab work. Participants will arrive Wednesday evening and stay overnight at QUBS, which is located 45 minutes north of Kingston in Elgin, Ontario.

The course fee includes accommodations in cottages on the QUBS site, as well as dinner on Wednesday, and breakfast and lunch on Thursday.

Appropriate attire for field sampling and laboratory analysis will be required. A list of suggested items to bring will be provided to participants.

What: Introduction to environmental genomics, including field and laboratory techniques and applications in (eco)toxicology

Where: Queen’s University Biological Station, 280 Queen’s University Road, Elgin Ontario (https://qubs.ca/)

When: Arrive at QUBS evening of Wednesday June 6th, depart evening of Thursday June 7th

Instructor: Dr. Robert Colautti, CRC in Rapid Evolution, Queen’s University (http://bit.ly/colauttilab)

Fees for Short Course: $140.00

For questions about this course, please contact Katie Hill.