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Free Access to SETAC NA short course on Adverse Outcome

A short course entitled Developing and Applying Adverse Outcome Pathways – What You Need to Know Part 1 and Part 2 was given at the last SETAC NA conference. SETAC NA has made the recordings of this short course free to all at the link below. A description of the course: Lead Instructor: Daniel L. Villeneuve, USEPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division

Adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) are a conceptual framework for organizing existing information concerning the predictive linkages between the initiation or early progression of a biological perturbation in an organism and the adverse outcome(s) of regulatory relevance (e.g., impacts on survival, growth, or reproduction) that the perturbation can lead to. Consequently, the organization of biological and toxicological knowledge into AOP frameworks has been advocated as a means to support so called “21st century” approaches to regulatory decision-making which aim to make greater use of high throughput pathway-based data as a basis for chemical safety assessment. In order to facilitate the development of AOPs and their practical application to environmental decision-making the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), through the activities of its member countries, has developed internationally harmonized guidance and a knowledge-base for capturing and disseminating AOP descriptions. The goal of this training is to facilitate greater awareness the adverse outcome pathway knowledgebase and associated guidance, principles, and practice of AOP development and description, so that the scientific community can more effectively contribute to and utilize this emerging resource.

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