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L-SETAC Board Nominations Open Until August 15, 2017

The L-SETAC Board of Directors currently has four board positions available for the upcoming year. Nominations will be accepted until August 15, 2017. For information about the Board of Directors duties and the nomination process please see the attached PDF. We will also be accepting nominations for the position of Student Representative for 2017-2018. Due to a recent change of procedure within SETAC North America, the student representative will be voted into the position solely by current L-SETAC student members. The student representative sits on both the L-SETAC Board (BOD) and the SETAC North America Student Advisory Council (NASAC). As the voice of students in L-SETAC, the representative participates in monthly BOD and NASAC conference calls and can join sub-committees to plan student events and initiatives. This is an exciting opportunity to become involved with SETAC at the regional and North American level, and provides excellent networking opportunities. The student representative must have permission from their primary research advisor before accepting the position, and ideally would be attending the SETAC North America Annual Meeting. Any questions about this position can be directed to the current representative, Melanie Raby ( If you have any questions or wish to submit a nomination (self are nominations welcome!) for the BOD or Student Representative positions, please email If you are a current member with L-SETAC you will receive an email with instructions to vote for nominees starting August 19th. If you are unsure of your membership status  you can email Kind Regards, L-SETAC Board of Directors

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