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L-SETAC celebrates Black History Month

To highlight and celebrate Black History Month, L-SETAC’s DISC proposes a few weeks of self-reflection with various EDI activities. Join us!

  1. Watch the first episode: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, for a well-spent 9 minutes of your time. Feel free to watch more – there are quite a few of them! Also if you have AppleTV+ Season 1, Episodes 1&2 of The Oprah Conversation with Emmanuel Acho is also good.

  2. Listen to the interview with Emmanuel Acho on Unlocking Us with Brené Brown on Spotify.

  3. Watch CBC’s The Skin We’re In: Pulling back the curtain on racism in Canada

  4. Join us for a discussion on Zoom on Wednesday March 1st , from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. No time to join us? We have also started curating a living document of reference material: L-SETAC List - Black History Month.docx - Google Docs. Also, please see the message below from the SETAC NA Inclusive Diversity aiming to celebrate the accomplishments and stories of Black scientists.

As we continue Black History Month, we would like to celebrate the contributions Black SETAC members have made to our society by spotlighting their careers, research, and experiences on our social media accounts! We invite you or anyone you know, including students, who would be interested in being featured on our social media pages, where we will showcase and celebrate the accomplishments and stories of Black SETAC members. Please reply to this email, or message the ID Committee on Twitter at @Diverse_SETACNA or Instagram at InclusiveDiversity_SETAC and we will provide you with further details. Your participation will be invaluable in helping us honor and recognize the incredible achievements of Black communities.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share your story and inspire others! Additionally, we would also like to repost any research activities, news stories, or community outreach work being done by Black Scientists, or outreach efforts in predominantly Black Communities.  Reach out with any latest information/news, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram so we can repost your work! We look forward to knowing more about your own journey. The event is FREE (pay what you want - donations collected will be directed to a charity of our choice). Please RSVP here - the information for the Zoom meeting will be provided ahead of the meeting.
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