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L-SETAC Short Course Summary - Multivariate Study Design and Statistics

The first Laurentian SETAC short course of 2011 was held on Friday, March 4th in Kitchener. Dr. Michelle Bowman presented various statistical techniques commonly used to assess ecological data.Each course participant was subsequently given two statistical software packages, which were used to work through a number of statistical analysis problem sets. Dr. Bowman was able to provide one-on-one assistance to complete the exercises, which were then discussed at the end of the course. The course provided a solid background on not only how to design multivariate studies, but also how to analyse the resulting data. Dr. Bowman provided statistical insights to course participants who brought their own experimental data for review. A special "thank you" to Dr. Bowman for generously donating her time to enable us to offer the course to our membership, as well as to MTE Consultants for donating the meeting room at their office in Kitchener. Submitted by Alison Fraser

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