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VEP – Very Employable Person – Benjamin de Jourdan

NAME:  Benjamin de Jourdan Contact email: Degree: PhD Environmental Biology (Toxicology) Title of Thesis:  Environmental Fate and Toxicity of Three Brominated Flame Retardants in Aquatic Mesocosms Institution and Advisors: University of Guelph, Drs. Keith Solomon and Derek Muir Graduation Date: Summer 2012 Career Goals: I would like to gain relevant experience related to environmental risk assessment, and to continue research into the environmental fate of emerging contaminants, with particular focus on the Great Lakes region. Connection with Laurentian SETAC: Student member since 2008 Accomplishment I am most proud of:  Volunteering with Hands On Disaster Relief in Gonaives, Haiti. Big cheese I would most like to have a drink with: E.O. Wilson Most people won’t guess that I: am a 25-time blood donor, and that I love to pickle all kinds of food. I can brag that I have rubbed shoulders with: Brent Spiner, Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation Best laugh I had during my degree:  While moving boxes in one of our field sheds, we suddenly discovered a family of raccoons had taken up residence there over the winter. Not sure who made more noise upon the discovery, me or the raccoons. Best weird science moment: This past summer I watched a larval dragonfly crawl up a break wall, then after 45 minutes emerge as an adult. It was really cool to watch, even if all the people passing by didn’t seem to find it all that interesting. Most memorable conference I have been to during my degree was: I had the great opportunity to attend the 6th Global COE International Symposium: International Symposium on Advanced Studies by Young Scientists on Environmental Pollution and Ecotoxicology, in Matsuyama, Japan. The conference provided some great learning experiences and a chance to see some state-of-the-art facilities. Of equal importance though, was the amazing opportunity to experience Japanese culture and meet some really interesting new colleagues. Most memorable philosophical moment I had during my degree: Having a PhD student in philosophy become my roommate during the last year of my degree resulted in too many nights filled with philosophical musings. My graduate experience was more than just a degree because: I met so many amazing friends and colleagues who inspired, taught, and encouraged me. * Click here for Benjamin's résumé Do YOU want to be the next Very Employable Person, or you know someone who should be? Contact us at

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