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Very Employable Person (VEP) - Christopher White

Name: Christopher White Contact email: Degree: M.Sc. in Integrative Biology (Aquatic Toxicology) Title of Thesis: Forensic Markers of Lampricides in Oncorhynchus mykiss.

Institution and Advisor: Wilfrid Laurier University; Dr. Michael Wilkie Graduation Date: April 2018 Career Goals: To acquire a career in the environmental sciences, either in the public sector or private sector that would allow me to improve the skills I have obtained throughout my masters, as well as to continue to learn new skills. Connection with Laurentian SETAC: I gave a talk at the L-SETAC Conference in Oshawa. Accomplishment I am most proud of: My M.Sc. degree. Big cheese I would most like to have a drink with: I would love to have a drink with Travis Rice or Anthony Kiedis. Travis Rice is one of the best snowboarders on the planet, and an avid advocate of climate change and Anthony Kiedis is the front man to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Most people won’t guess that I: love to snowboard. I can brag that I have rubbed shoulders with: Mötley Crüe. I was attending a wedding and they were staying in the same hotel as us. Best weird science moment: During one of my decomposition experiments, after one of my fish had succumbed to the toxicant I was studying, I moved it to a cold fresh water decomposition chamber believing it to be dead. However after several minutes I went to check on the fish and it was miraculously swimming strongly again, needless to say I was shocked. Most memorable conference I have been to during my degree was: The first major conference I attended was IAGLR’s 60th annual Conference on Great Lakes Research in Detroit, Michigan. It offered me a chance to see a wide range of presentations on topics I was interested in as well gave me a fantastic opportunity to present my research to a large audience. It really improved my presentation skills and confidence. My graduate experience was more than just a degree because: It allowed me to face and overcome challenges I never thought about before both in my research and everyday life. It has given me the opportunity to travel and meet new people. Download a copy of Chris' resume here

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