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Aquatic Toxicity Workshop - Sun Peaks, BC

The Aquatic Toxicity Workshop (ATW) was held in beautiful Sun Peaks, British Columbia, from 30 September to 3 October. ATW is Canada’s major annual meeting in the field of aquatic toxicology and related disciplines. The theme of the conference this year was “Source to Resource,” reflecting the increase in activities related to natural resource in B.C. and Canada as a whole (e.g., aquaculture, shale gas fracking, oil sands development, etc.). The conference began with encouraging messages from Al Raine, Mayor of Sun Peaks, and Terry Lake, B.C. Minister of Environment. Both emphasized the importance of sustainable development and the key role that aquatic professionals (toxicologists) play. The conference hosted a variety of interesting sessions ranging from a session on Oil Sands, Natural Gas Exploration and Shale Gas, to Emerging Methods in Toxicogenomics. Students were provided with a variety of great opportunities to meet and talk with professionals from government, academia, and industry at the Student Mentor Night and by participating as student judges and session co-chairs. An ATW Board Panel Discussion was also held with all ATW members to stimulate discussion and gain perspective on how to continue to make ATW the premium aquatic toxicology conference in Canada. There was also discussion on broadening the scope of toxicology that is presented at ATW. ATW has an exciting future ahead. ATW will be held in Moncton, New Brunswick, in 2013 and in Ottawa, Ontario, in 2014. For more information check out the ATW website. Submitted by Ryan Prosser (Vice President, Laurentian SETAC; Student Member on ATW Board of Directors)

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