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Laurentian SETAC re-launched the Toronto (GTA) pub night on March 27, 2018 with much success! Held at the Wallace Gastro Pub at Yonge and Davisville, 36 people attended the talk by Dr. Denina Simmons of University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UoIT). Laurentian SETAC gained 2 new members that night and many attendees were new to the Laurentian SETAC pub night experience. Dr. Simmons delivered an incredibly informative and entertaining talk on Environomics - the application of collective 'Omics technologies to environmental research. In the talk she thoroughly addressed some of the common questions and concerns she has been asked about environmental 'Omics and discussed results of several studies in which she has been involved. The food, the company and the science were fabulous and we look forward to hosting another GTA pub night in the near future.

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