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L-SETAC Statement of Support

Laurentian SETAC believes Black Lives Matter. We need to acknowledge the challenges that the Black members of our community are facing in pursuit of their work and interests. We commit to the continued support of our Black members, colleagues, students and trainees. Laurentian SETAC reiterates our commitment to acknowledge and correct inequities that we may discover within our Chapter and to support anti-racist policies. Our Chapter’s goal is to create an inclusive environment where our members feel safe to discuss race, discrimination, and its impact on our members. This includes, but is not limited to, addressing past inequities, discussing our current equality, diversity and inclusion approaches and policies, and learning about racial inequities. Laurentian SETAC strives for its members to feel heard, welcomed, and safe to pursue their scientific endeavors, within and outside of our Chapter. We urge all our members to work with us to aid in reaching these goals. Laurentian SETAC has a dedicated Diversity in Science Committee and we encourage our members who would like to get involved with the committee to reach out to Sincerely, The Laurentian Chapter of SETAC

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