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Offsetting our carbon footprint: L-SETAC members participate in tree planting in Oshawa!

Submitted by: Zacharias Pandelides, Erin Ussery and Andrea Kirkwood Each year, the Laurentian Chapter works hard to offset the carbon footprint created by the Annual General Meeting. This past June, the Annual General Meeting was hosted by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ontario. This year was quite special to the residents of Oshawa in that the L-SETAC committee partnered with the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee (OEAC). The City of Oshawa Parks service staff assisted the two organizations in planting a total of 11 trees in two different parks; Stone Street Park and Woodview Park. The newly planted trees were presented to Stone Street Park on Sunday, October 15, by members of OEAC and L-SETAC. Luckily, Mother Nature was on our side for the morning, and waited to let loose a rainstorm shortly after the ceremony. Surely the trees appreciated the rain! The 11 trees planted were native species to the area, comprised of both coniferous and deciduous trees. These native additions to the area will certainly assist in supporting the ecological and environmental health of this local Oshawa community near the shores of Lake Ontario. These trees will also provide shade during the hot summer months for Oshawa residents and visitors enjoying this beautiful park. Both of these parks are extremely popular year-round for members of the community. Stone Street Park is adjacent to the South Oshawa Community Center and two schools, the Canadian Martyrs Catholic School and GL Roberts Collegiate and Vocational Institute. The park is also surrounded by residential neighborhoods and the famous Waterfront trail that runs hundreds of kilometers in parallel with the Lake Ontario shoreline. This was a very successful AGM for L-SETAC, and we are honored to give back to the community in a way that reflects our commitment to the health of the environment.

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