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SETAC NA Global Horizon Scanning/Research Prioritization Project

SETAC North America is conducting a novel Global Horizon Scanning and Prioritization Project. SETAC is soliciting research questions that, if answered, would substantially advance our understanding of stresses to sustainable environmental quality.

It is anticipated that this effort will help increase the quality and relevance of environmental research, decrease scientific uncertainty in assessing and managing environmental risks, and increase the credibility of technical and policy responses to global environmental stressors. The solicitation is in the form of an on-line survey that should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Click here ( to access the survey. Please also feel free to forward the link and information about the survey to your colleagues and encourage them to submit their opinions. Questions submitted via this website will be synthesized by a team of public, private, academic, and non-profit sector experts into a list of the top research priorities of relevance to North America. A recent survey focused on Africa. Future surveys will focus on Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America in the coming months. These questions will be disseminated to the policy, industry, and scientific communities. All responses to the solicitation will be strictly confidential. If you have any questions about this exercise, please contact Bryan BrooksGary Ankley, Alistair Boxall, or Murray Rudd.
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