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Sudbury a Case Study in new Risk Assessment Book

A former University of Guelph graduate, Christopher Wren (B.Sc. 1977, Ph.D. 1983) and long time Laurentian SETAC member recently published a book entitled “Risk Assessment and Environmental Management: A Case Study in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada”, by Maralte Publishing ( The book, edited by Chris, represents a synthesis of several large technical reports that made up the Sudbury Soils Study ( which was carried out between 2001 and 2009.  The study included both human health and ecological risk assessments related to the Sudbury smelter emissions. The book is written for practitioners and students of risk assessment. It includes14 chapters that describe the human health risk assessment, the ecological risk assessment, public consultation and risk management activities undertaken as part of the study.  The Sudbury Soils Study was one of the largest of its kind in North America, and condensing several thousands of pages of technical reports into one book was a major undertaking. Abstracts of each of the book’s chapters can be viewed free on-line at . Electronic copies of the book can also be ordered on-line through the publisher’s website. Hard copies of the book can be ordered through the publisher or from Amazon Canada. The book was written while under assignment with MIRARCO (Mining Innovation Research and Rehabilitation Corporation), part of  Laurentian University in Sudbury, where he also developed and taught a course in risk assessment. Chris and his wife, Lisa Guenther-Wren, live on a 72 acre hobby sheep farm near Markdale, Ontario, where they both work as environmental consultants. Recently Chris has been travelling to Ghana, West Africa, as an advisor for environmental studies at a large gold mine where they hope to use the work completed at Sudbury as a model for studies in that country. * Click here for a link to the flyer

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