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VEP - Very Employable Person - Cristina Cassone

NAME: Cristina Cassone Contact email: Degree:  M.Sc. in Biology with specialization in chemical and environmental toxicology Title of Thesis: The effects of perfluoroalkyl acids on in ovo toxicity and gene expression in the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) Institution and Advisor:  Dr. Sean Kennedy, University of Ottawa Graduation Date: Spring 2012 Career Goals:  To acquire a career in environmental and molecular toxicology research (laboratory- and/or field-driven), where my academic and employment background can be used to its full potential. My specific research interests include testing the chronic effects of synthetic chemicals in wildlife, developing new technologies to facilitate the study of their effects and creating new screening methods, which ensure the safety of the compounds being tested is adequate Connection with Laurentian SETAC:  Member of the AGM Committee Big cheese I would most like to have a drink with: Rosalind Franklin (if she were still alive) for her amazing contributions to understanding the molecular structure of DNA. Most people won’t guess that I: play women’s rugby semi-competitively with the Barrhaven Scottish Rugby Football Club I can brag that I have rubbed shoulders with: Jane Goodall after a lecture given in Ottawa Best laugh I had during my degree: During a field season, two colleagues and I bonded while trading ghost stories about Bat Lake out at Algonquin Provincial Park.  The following morning, while it was still very dark, we set the boat out on the lake and prepared to collect water samples.  One of my colleagues was very spooked.  Upon hearing a mysterious sound from the surrounding forest, she completely panicked and capsized the boat.  Although at the time this story was not at all funny, we soon were able to laugh it off and enjoy telling it to others. Most memorable conference I have been to during my degree was:  SETAC North America, where I met many great friends and colleagues both in Portland (2010) and Boston (2011). * Click here for Cristina's résumé Do YOU want to be the next Very Employable Person, or you know someone who should be? Contact us at

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